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Guide information for Indeed Apply.



By using this API and its documentation and building an integration, you agree to the Additional API Terms and Guidelines.

Direct employer integration with Indeed

Integrate with Indeed Apply for direct employers and third parties representing direct employers.

採用企業と Indeed との連携

Japanese translation of Direct Employer Integration with Indeed.

Enterprise ATS integration with Indeed

Integrate with Indeed Apply for applicant tracking system (ATS) Enterprise partners.

ATS(採用支援システム) と Indeed 連携

Japanese translation of Enterprise ATS Integration with Indeed.

SFTP server guidelines

Guidelines for using Aggregation SFTP server.

SFTP サーバーのガイドライン

Japanese translation of SFTP Server Guidelines.

Trusted root SSL certificates

List of root SSL certificates that are trusted by Indeed’s Apply API.

Integration review questionnaire and checklist

A checklist for Integration review for ATS developers.

Indeed Apply references

Reference information for Indeed Apply.