HTTP status codes.

HTTP status codes

When the following conditions occur, response to the POST request with the following HTTP status codes:

Application HTTP status codes table
Status code Error message Respond with status code when


JSON payload is missing a required key

The application payload is missing a required key.


Missing or Invalid X-Indeed-Signature value

The Signature value in the header is missing or invalid.


Job is invalid, does not exist

The job is invalid or does not exist.


Duplicate Application already in the system

The received application is a duplicate of an Indeed application in your system.

Indeed excludes duplicate applications from automatic resends.

A duplicate application is an application with the same job ID and from the same job seeker email as an Indeed application within the last 120 days.

When you respond to a POST request, these applications are not duplicates:

  • Applications originally submitted from a source other than Indeed.

  • Applications from the same job seeker email to a different job ID at the same company.


The job is expired or no longer available

The job is expired or no longer available.

Indeed expires the job from search results.

If the job is in the XML at the next feed run, Indeed makes the job available again.


Payload is too large

The application payload is too large.


Unable to save application

The application is valid JSON but can’t be processed because it doesn’t match required schemas or specifications or is otherwise invalid.