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Send candidate events that take place on your site to Indeed.

Candidate events include:

  • A candidate clicks on to apply for your job and lands on your site's job application page.
  • A candidate applies for a job on your site.

Indeed uses this data in reports to accurately convey the value that Indeed provides. This data also optimizes sponsored job campaigns, which increases return on investment for advertisers.


To request credentials to call this API, use the client credentials flow (2-legged OAuth).

Indeed rate limits

To ensure system stability against unauthorized or unexpected use, Indeed rate-limits this API.

The current per-IP limit is 1000 requests every five minutes.

Initial testing

  1. When you set up the API integration, set the testFire body parameter to true in the Event object.

  2. After Indeed receives a few days of data, an Indeed representative shares the number of apply signals that Indeed received each day, by Indeed tracking token (ittk).

  3. If the data matches your records, set the testFire body parameter to false or remove it.

    The data starts to appear in the Indeed Analytics Dashboard, and you can start using apply-based bidding algorithms such as targetCPA.

Subsequent testing

To use your own test environment to test your integration on an ongoing basis:

  • Call the API and set the testFire body parameter to true in the Event object.