Integration review questionnaire and checklist

A checklist for Integration review for ATS developers.


To submit your request for the Integration review, complete the following steps.

You can download this complete Integration review questionnaire and checklist.

For additional information, see:

Integration steps

  1. Complete and send the questionnaire to the Integrations Delivery Team. In response, Indeed provides you with a disposition API keys for your integration.

  2. Build the multi-source XML feed, which defines your clients and their jobs. Produce one multi-source XML feed for each type:

    • Direct employer

    • Staffing agency

  3. Include Indeed Apply and screener questions in the XML feed.

  4. Complete the checklists listed in Multi-source XML and Indeed Apply - Screener questions.

  5. Validate and test:

  6. Submit the URL hosting the XML file along with the completed checklists to Indeed Integration Delivery team for review and approval. Each review process takes from three to five business days.

  7. Develop disposition data integration.

  8. Test Disposition Data integration using Test API Key.

  9. Complete the Disposition Data checklist.

  10. Contact the Integrations Delivery team along with the completed checklist for review and launch of the disposition data integration.

Questionnaire: Required responses

Before project engagement with the Integrations Delivery team, complete and return this section to the Integrations Delivery team.

  • Scheduling commitments of development milestones:

    Scheduling commitments of development milestones table
    Milestone Date

    First review of XML construction/content

    Includes jobs/Indeed Apply/screener questions

    XML delivery review

    Indeed Apply/Screener questions review

    Disposition data review

    Go-live target

  • Additional information:

    Additional information table
    Information Value

    Estimated job volume (client and total jobs)

    Indeed API token used in the submission of the XML and Indeed Apply. Include the email account registered with the production application. Generate the token at Manage app credentials.

    API token:

    Email account:


    ATS disposition frequency (for example: 1 day)

    Contact information for reporting issues such as app delivery failures

    Contact business email address:


    Support contact:

    (IMPORTANT this should be a group email address)


    Development/technical contact (name/email):


    The content type in the XML feed

    • Direct employer
    • Staffing agency

    Application parameter settings

    URL(s) for XML retrieval: (your target locations for XML hosting)






Pre-submission checklists

Multi-source XML file

Multi-source XML File table
Checklist Confirm (Yes/No)

Verify that the XML file defines all basic feed nodes, including the XML version and encoding, and ATS information:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <publisher>ATS Name</publisher>

Verify that the XML file includes a <job> node and its associated job feed elements for each job on your clients’ career websites, including jobs from parent companies' sub-brands and subsidiaries.

Verify that the XML file includes all companies associated with jobs.

Verify that the XML file does not include any TEST jobs.

All URLs that the XML file includes as metadata are URL-encoded. URL elements include the jobUrl, postUrl, and questions.

No HTML escape characters ANYWHERE: (&, <, >, and so on)

Salary tags are provided for all jobs.

External ID matches the career website content.

All jobs have an <email> address to be used to validate the client.

All jobs have a <sourcename> with the parent organization name.

Indeed Apply - Screener questions

Indeed Apply - Screener Questions table
Checklist Details Confirm (Yes/No)

XML content

Verify that the <job> node for each job defines Indeed Apply parameters.

All URLs within the Indeed Apply parameter are URL-encoded.
URL elements include the jobUrl, postUrl, and questions.

The “indeed-apply-name=firstlastname” is sent for each job.

HTTP codes / Security for post requests

HTTP 200 response for successful applications

HTTP 409 for duplicate applications

HTTP 410 for applications on expired jobs

HTTP 400 if the structure of the JSON payload is missing a required key, or contains an unverified email address

HTTP 401 for an invalid or missing X-Indeed-Signature header value

HTTP 404 for an invalid job (job does not exist)

HTTP 413 for payload too large

HTTP 422 for missing required answer to screener questions

The X-Indeed-Signature header is being verified (Authentication of the POST requests.)

Indeed Apply POST URL, screener questions URL are secure HTTPS.

Alerts and logging

Enable alerting for POST requests (job seeker application data) to capture failures.

Post requests delivery logs should include:

  • Timestamp (UNIX)
  • Post payload ID(i.e. encrypted Indeed Application ID)
  • POST request endpoint (or, postUrl)
  • HTTP status response code and response error reason

Provide an example of these logs (screenshot or text file.)

Enable alerting for GET requests for screener questions URL to capture failures.

Screener question logs should include:

  • Timestamp (UNIX)
  • GET request endpoint URL for screener questions
  • HTTP status response code

Provide an example of logs (screenshot or text file.)

Job seeker application data delivery

The candidate’s first and last name are obtained from the JSON applicant.firstName and applicant.lastName fields.

Uploaded CV file is captured and stored correctly on the ATS (Example.)

Indeed Resume CV file is captured and stored correctly on the ATS (Example.)

Confirm there are no application payload size restrictions.

Screener questions

Screener questions are constructed by following the best practices.

Additional cover letters and other docs included as part of the application are captured and stored (Applicant fields.)

See Policy - Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for PII restrictions. PII, such as the full Social Security Number (SSN), cannot be asked as a screener question.

General requirements

Ensure you identify the job seeker applications received through Indeed Apply with source as “Indeed” on your ATS platform.

Clients can opt in/out of the Indeed Apply integration from the ATS settings.

Verify that your analytics field can categorize applications as organic, sponsored, or Indeed Targeted Ad.

Check that your SSL certificate is valid and up-to-date.

Test account

Provide a test account for quality and verification purposes. Share credentials through LastPass.

Disposition data

Disposition Data table
Checklist Confirm (Yes/No)

Files are not larger than 1GB.

All uploaded files have accepted extensions: csv, xml.

Uploaded CSV files with Disposition data using the test Disposition API key