Use OAuth to easily and securely call Indeed APIs.



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Authorization code flow (3‑legged OAuth)

Authenticate your app to act on behalf of other Indeed user accounts and the users' associated employers.

Client credentials flow (2‑legged OAuth)

Authenticate your app to act on behalf of the Indeed user that registered the app and that user's associated employer accounts.

Redirect to multiple URLs

Add the OAuth state parameter to dynamically redirect a user to multiple redirect URLs.

Log in with Indeed

Use Indeed-provided images to create Log in with Indeed buttons.

Upgrade OAuth

Upgrade your OAuth integration to the Indeed OAuth endpoint v2.

OAuth security considerations

The Indeed OAuth framework enables you to avoid sharing your Indeed password with other organizations.

OAuth reference

Specify HTTP request headers and parameters and review response fields in the client credentials flow (2‑legged OAuth) and the authorization code flow (3‑legged OAuth).

OAuth glossary

Describes commonly used authentication and authorization terms.