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Integration use cases

Integrate with your ATS

Automate the transfer of job, application and disposition data between Indeed and an ATS.
Power ATS jobs with Indeed Apply so job seekers can easily apply on Indeed or our mobile app.

a close-up of a screen titled ATS Jobs with a button that reads “Post on Indeed

Automatically publish ATS jobs to Indeed

Use Job Feed to automatically publish ATS jobs to Indeed’s search results page.

Transfer Indeed Apply data to an ATS

Use Indeed Apply to let job seekers apply to ATS jobs directly on Indeed or our mobile app. Automatically transfer application and candidate data to an ATS.

A search form for the job ‘Program Manager’ in ‘Austin TX,’ with a close-up on an Indeed button that reads ‘Easily apply.’
A screen with two columns that read ‘ATS hiring stages’ and ‘Indeed hiring stages.’

Automatically share
ATS disposition data
with Indeed

Use Disposition Data to deliver better candidate matching and keep candidates informed.

Additional use cases

Conversion Tracking

Track Indeed conversions from your platform

Use the Conversion Tracking API to send information to Indeed about job candidate events happening on your site to understand the value Indeed provides, optimize sponsored job campaigns, and increase return on investment for advertisers.

Conversion Tracking API →

Virtual Interviews

Create and manage virtual interview events

Use the Interview API to schedule, manage and conduct virtual interviews with candidates.

Interview API →